• Connor McLaughlin

God kept your heart.

God is complicated. People are always trying to come up with a new and better way of thinking about him, but at the end of the day, the concept of a supreme being who knows all and created even time itself is a bit hard to grasp. When Moses asked God “Who are you?” God answered, “I am who Am.” Honestly that doesn’t make it any more simple. God pretty much said “I am everything.”

In some ways that’s true, God IS the one who created everything, so a piece of himself can be found in everything. Even in the smallest wind, God is there. Not only that, but he created us solely so that we would be able to enjoy life to the greatest extent! So if we ask the question of God “Who are you?” we should remember that, above all, God is love, and everything he does is out of love.


According to great thinkers of the Church, God, being an infinite being, must have one quality that stands above all else. Since he is the creator of the Universe, then that quality must be something that is capable of creating. The only aspect this could possibly be is Love, as we know that only through an act of love can another life be brought into the world. So God, before all else, must be love. Fulton Sheen paints a brilliant image of this in his book “Remade for Happiness.”

“Our poor human heart is flawed: it is like a cake without the frosting: the first two acts of the theatre without the climax. Even its design is marred for a small piece is missing out of the side. That is why it remains so unsatisfied: it wants life and it gets death: it wants Truth and it has to settle for an education; it craves love and gets only intermittent euphoria’s with satieties. Samples, reflections and fractions are only tastes, not mouthfuls. A divine trick has been played on the human heart as if a violin teacher gave his pupil an instrument with one string missing. God kept a part of man's heart in Heaven, so that discontent would drive him back again to Him Who is Eternal Life, All-Knowing Truth and the Abiding Ecstasy of Love.”


So whenever you feel broken, or flawed, or empty, or worthless, just remember that you will never be truly satisfied until you are united with the one who made a

nd kept your heart.

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